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Grantham’s Ross Edgely Makes Second Attempt at Longest Non-Stop Lake Swim

An endurance swimmer has begun his second bid to complete the world’s longest continuous lake swim.

Ross Edgley, from Grantham, Lincolnshire, hopes to swim 171km in Lake Trasimeno, near Perugia, in Italy.

By Friday morning he had swum more than 37 miles (60km) in just over 24 hours, according to a tracker.

Mr Edgley, whose previous record attempt in Loch Ness ended with him in hospital, said he was “excited” by his latest challenge.

Speaking before the event said: “I’m excited, world record attempt No.2 and nine months since leaving the hospital.

“This will officially be the longest, unassisted, non-stop, open water swim in history, and will all be done in the name of ocean conservation as we finish what we started in Loch Ness, Scotland.”

He was forced to abandon his earlier attempt in September after 52 hours and 39 minutes in the water and covering a distance of about 49 miles (79km).

He previously told BBC Breakfast: “I know it looked brutal, but it was a good way to spend 50 hours.”

In 2018, he became the first person to continuously swim 1,780 miles (2,864km) around Great Britain without touching land or a boat for the entire time he was in the water.

Source : BBC