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4Air’s Policywatch Service Tracks Environmental Legislation

Aviation sustainability specialist 4Air has launched a PolicyWatch service to help the business aviation industry keep track of changes in environmental legislation and regulatory initiatives. Announcing the service on Tuesday, the company said it will give aircraft owners and operators, as well as those who support them, more complete visibility into complex and rapidly shifting legislation around the decarbonization of air transportation, and guidance as to how to meet these requirements.

The 4Air regulatory monitoring team is providing the policy calendar tool free online. It is available along with other tools, including the Aviation Fuel Carbon Calculator, the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) Reduction Estimator, and the Business Aviation SAF Map.

PolicyWatch is intended to support 4Air’s efforts to help business aviation companies operate more sustainably by increasing the use of SAF and a framework of verifiable carbon offsets. These services include regulatory compliance and reporting of operational data.

The service will provide summaries of pending federal and state legislation in the U.S. and Europe, along with the status of new rules and key deadlines, and links to supporting documentation. The company pointed to new legislation—such as the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Act introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives earlier this year—as an example of the issues that need to be on the industry’s radar screen.

“New regulations could create reporting burdens for you even if your company is not directly affected by the rules,” said 4Air president Kennedy Ricci. “Your clients could fall under new reporting obligations and, therefore, need additional or expanded documentation to meet those requirements.”

The company announced its Regulatory Monitoring & Compliance Program in 2022. This helps aircraft operators monitor and fulfill potential direct obligations to national or transnational aircraft emissions reporting requirements.

Customers of 4Air in the business aviation sector include Global Aerospace, Flexjet, and GE Honda Aero Engines. It also supports commercial air carriers such as Southwest Airlines.

Source : ainonline.com