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“So That All Children Have Christmas” – Volunteers Announced a Collection for the Benefit of Orphans

In the capital of Poland, the public initiative “Euromaidan-Warsaw” and the Stand With Ukraine foundation announced an urgent collection for the needs of children who lost their parents or were left without parental care after the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion.

“Our campaign aims to give children from Ukraine a special Christmas, at least for a moment to put a smile on their faces. These children have gone through hell and lost loved ones in battles. Often these are the children of heroes and heroines who fight for our freedom,” says Nataliya Panchenko, leader of the Euromaidan-Warsaw public initiative.

Under the slogan “So that all children have Christmas”, one of the oldest and largest Ukrainian organizations in Poland is starting a Christmas campaign to collect funds, which will go to gifts for children and necessary things that children lack after losing their homes. Together with the Stand With Ukraine Foundation, activists of the “Euromaidan-Warsaw” initiative plan to purchase the necessary items, taking into account the specific needs of the “City of Good” organization.

“Misto Dobra” is one of the leading organizations in Ukraine that takes care of orphans, single mothers and children left without care as a result of hostilities and a full-scale invasion,” explains Nataliya Panchenko.

Volunteers emphasize that as of February 24, 2022, about 9,000 children in Ukraine have lost their parents or are left without parental care.

Source : SVOBODA