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Poland Appreciates Lukashenka’s Call to Improve Relations

Drone attacks on Moscow are a “sociocultural response” to Russian strikes on Ukraine, writes the British Guardian.

The Ukrainian military told the publication that these raids had a dual purpose. Firstly, to raise morale among the Ukrainians, while there were few successes on the fronts. Second, to raise the question in the Russian public whether Putin is capable of protecting them.

Raids in the border Belgorod region pursued the same goals, said a source in the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

Western partners have concluded that Kyiv has the right to use its own weapons “to destabilize the Putin regime,” Ukrainian officials say.

At the same time, the psychological impact of these attacks on the Russians “has been doubtful so far,” the newspaper writes. Many Russians have simply chosen to ignore the attacks, and in some cases the drone strikes “reinforce the view of the war.”

“Yes, Ukraine can hit Moscow, everyone knows that now. But so what? At the moment, society is not going to change its attitude towards Ukraine, that’s it, we have reached this point of no return,” said Samuel Bendett, an expert on military drones in Center for Naval Analysis.

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