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NGO Council Urges Stakeholders To Intervene On The Drought Situation


The Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Council of Kenya has called upon relevant stakeholders to continue intervening in the drought situations ravaging some parts of Kenya.

The Council has nonetheless lauded the various stakeholders including local and international NGOs who have already made a move to save lives in the affected regions.

In a press statement, the Council through its Chairman Stephen Cheboi hailed the step taken by the Government led by President Dr. William Ruto to dispatch a food caravan with relief supplies to nearly 4 million people including women and children facing starvation in arid and semi-arid areas.

“This is a good move as earlier pledged by the Government to ensure relief supplies channeled through affiliate NGO Members reach deserving cases of the hungry and that no food supplies would be diverted by unscrupulous elements,” said Cheboi.

Cheboi however called for more interventions to save the current dire situations witnessed in some parts of the country and encouraged the government to look for more sustainable measures to ensure that no Kenyan would be left to die of hunger.

Further, the Council urged all affiliate members involved in food and water relief supplies to work closely with the local county governments and chiefs to ensure all deserving cases access the relief food, especially vulnerable groups like children and women.

“We urge the Government and other key stakeholders to continue responding as required whenever a situation like that affects any part of the country,” Cheboi reiterated.

Additionally, the Council has vowed to support the pledge of weekly supplies to famine stricken regions as announced by the Head of State by providing logistics on the ground.

Meanwhile, the Council has also thrown its weight behind the Government in its plan to build affordable houses in the urban slum areas of the country.

“As an umbrella organization, the NGO Council shall continue playing a key role to ensure Kenyans receive the necessary humanitarian support,” Cheboi said.

Source : Kenya News