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Significant Artefacts Found on Thornton Site for Homes

Archaeologists excavating land for a proposed housing development say they have made some significant finds.

The team from Oxford Archaeology North (OAN) said the site in Lancashire has evidence of an Iron Age settlement and Roman occupation as well.

“Unlike other Iron Age sites in Lancashire we have found ceramics and pottery in Bourne Hill,” said Paul Dunn of OAN.

Developer Ecclestone Homes has applied to build 158 homes on the site.

Mr Dunn said like other Iron Age excavations in the county the dig at Thornton, near Blackpool, had revealed round houses with their surrounding ditches, but the discovery of Iron Age bowls and Roman pottery marked it out from other excavations.

He added: “Lancashire was wet with marshland and settlements tended to be on a hill.

“It is a significant site because there of signs of a long occupation from the Iron Age to Roman Britain.”

Wyre Council, which is liaising with OAN, said: “Ecclestone Homes have applied for planning permission to develop 158 homes on the site at Bourne Hill in Thornton.

“Planning permission is soon to be granted subject to a number of conditions. One of those is to conduct an archaeological survey and this is currently under way.

“So far, excavation works completed by a team of archaeologists from Oxford Archaeology North (OAN) has revealed findings of interest. Following the completion of the fieldwork on the site, OAN will produce a post-excavation assessment report.”

Local MP Paul Maynard said he was excited by the discovery, adding: “It certainly piqued my interest.

“It is always interesting to know what the area you represent was like thousands of years before you came to represent it,” he said.

The Conservative MP for Blackpool North and Cleveleys added: “We don’t want to lose this important insight into our area’s past before it is concreted over.

“There is a code of practice and I want to make sure it is adhered to.”

Ecclestone Homes has been contacted for a comment.

Source : bbc